Lavender flower Oil 10ml



We import our Lavender Flower Oil from Bulgaria, the world’s largest producer. The exporter is well reputed globally with ISO certification. Liven Essential products are therapeutic grade oil.  They are steam distilled and 100% pure.

If you only use one essential oil, this is it!

Lavender (lavandula angustifolia) is the most versatile of all essential oils. Most commonly known for its relaxing effects on the body, therapeutic-grade lavender has been highly regarded for the skin. It may be used to cleanse cuts, treat bruises and skin irritations. The fragrance is calming, relaxing and balancing – physically and emotionally. Carrying a bottle of lavender around with you is like having your own personal first aid kit, perfume and pick-me-up.



  • For analgesic, detoxifying, hypertensive, and sedative effects.
  • As a master essential oil in aromatherapy
  • For relieving aching muscles and joint pains
  • For skin burns for fast healing of acne, and wounds.
  • As a compress for sprains or muscle injuries.
  • To help with digestion issues.
  • Stimulate urine production
  • Protects hair quality
  • Induce blood circulation

Fun facts

There are over 30 species of Lavender and hundreds of genotypes that are distinguished by their growth form and the chemical compositions of their essential oils.



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