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You’ve probably at least heard about Citronella Essential Oil, after all, it’s one of the most common oils used in both homemade and commercial insect repellents, as it naturally repels mosquitoes and many other bugs.

Of course, it’s not all that surprising that it offers many other benefits too, thanks to its antifungal, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties.

Naturally Citronella leaf essential oil is highly concentrated and needs a carrier oil to dilute it before use and skin. Patch tests before use is advisable. (1 citronella drop with 5-10 drops of preferred carrier oil).



  • Repel insects
  • Reducing inflammation and relieving the pain of arthritis
  • A natural deodorant
  • Fight acne and other skin conditions
  • Natural shampoo and conditioner
  • Calm an out-of-control pet
  • Natural room deodoriser
  • Natural household cleaner

The Essential oil is extracted by steam distillation of the fresh plant. It’s been used for hundreds, if not thousands, of years in places like Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and China to help lower inflammation – the root of nearly all diseases and illnesses – decrease rashes and fight infections, relieve pain and battle a number of other health conditions. It has a rich, citrusy aroma, hence its name.

Repel insects

Unless you’re living in a bubble, you probably have to deal with insects at least occasionally, which is arguably the number one reason people keep a bottle of citronella essential oil in the house. It’s even been found to repel the potentially very hazardous mosquito species known as Aedes aegypti, which is capable of spreading dengue fever.

While you could simply apply a few drops of citronella essential oil mixed with a spoonful of a carrier oil like coconut oil like a lotion on all exposed areas of your skin, using it as part of a natural bug spray recipe may be the most effective way to fight bugs.

 Reducing inflammation and relieving the pain of arthritis

Citronella oil offers powerful anti-inflammatory properties along with calming and soothing effects for internal inflammation. Coupled with its potent antioxidant compounds and ability to improve blood flow, it’s often used for naturally treating osteoarthritis as well as rheumatoid arthritis, and can relieve pain and soreness almost immediately. To use it, combine a few drops with a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil, olive oil or coconut oil, and massage it into swollen, painful joints and muscles.

Natural deodorant

You can make a pleasant smelling natural deodorant with citronella essential oil that doesn’t contain the potentially harmful chemicals found in mainstream deodorants, such as parabens, aluminum, and propylene glycol.

Fortunately, the wonderful lemon citrus scent of citronella can disguise body odor, while its antibacterial properties help to kill the buildup of potentially bad smelling underarm bacteria.

Fight acne and other skin conditions

Because citronella essential oil contains antibacterial properties, it’s extremely effective when it comes to fighting bacteria that can cause acne. It can also help heal eczema and dermatitis, slow skin aging and treat some types of fungal infections on the skin, as well as speed wound healing, get rid of warts, fade age spots and treat boils.

Citronella is very good at reducing sebum buildup and calming down oily skin.

Natural shampoo and conditioner

Many personal care products and beauty products you find on store shelves contain a host of potentially harmful ingredients. Instead, make use of that citronella essential oil bottle you now have (or should have soon) in your house, as one of its most popular uses is for cleansing and conditioning the hair and scalp. It helps to eliminate excess oil while adding shine and fighting off dandruff too as it contains antifungal properties which aid in controlling flakes and other scalp infections. It can help protect the hair against damage by the sun, detangle tough knots and even add volume. The easiest way to use citronella as a hair cleanser is to mix a few drops with almond oil or coconut oil in its liquid form and then massage the oil into your scalp – you can leave it on and use it as an overnight treatment, or rinse it immediately.

To condition your hair, warm up about a small portion in your palms and then gently rub it through the ends of your hair – no need to rinse.

While the exact reason behind it is unknown, citronella oil can be a great thing to have around if you have a barking dog, or a pet that keeps getting up on your furniture. It’s said to be great at keeping them calm, and the scent seems to deter them from using items it’s been sprayed on. Plus when you spray it onto places like sheets or furniture, it also helps to keep them free from odor, pests, and bacteria.

Natural room deodoriser

As citronella has a refreshing, clean citrus scent, similar to lemons, it is often used in products like perfumes, candles, soaps and cosmetics. You can add a few drops to the cycle of your laundry machine or dishwasher to deodorise those appliances, and use it to make your own non-chemical room deodoriser that brings to mind the smells of a spring or summer day.

Natural household cleaner

Thanks to its powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties, citronella makes a great natural household cleaner too. Use it to clean your bathroom, kitchen or other surfaces without having to resort to harsh chemicals. It’s even effective for getting rid of foodborne pathogens and harmful bacteria.


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