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Cedar wood Essential Oil has an abundance of therapeutic uses and health benefits, both psychological and physical. These benefits make Cedarwood a welcomed addition to your natural medical cabinet.

When processed properly, essential oils like those made from Cedarwood are packed with an amazing array of chemical compounds.

Each of these compounds possesses specific effects that oftentimes have more than one function. For instance, oil extracted contains around 50% of sesquiterpenes, a compound which helps improve the delivery of oxygen to the brain cells. In addition to warding against neurodegeneration, this compound is anti-inflammatory.


  • Disinfecting wounds
  • Killing fungal infections
  • Reducing hair loss
  • Easing arthritis
  • Boosting the respiratory system
  • Regulating the menstrual cycle
  • Helping with insomnia
  • Ridding skin of blemishes
  • Clearing toxins from the body
  • Calming symptoms of ADHD
  • Soothing insect bites
  • Tightening skin and muscles
  • Relieving muscle spasms
  • Improving mental balance

Essential oil from Cedarwood is believed to be one of the first distilled by man. There’s plenty of existing evidence that tells of how early humans put Cedarwood essential oil to various uses, taking full advantage of its antiseptic and sedative effects, among many others.

Disinfecting wounds

Cedarwood oil is a natural antiseptic. Due to its potent antibacterial properties, it can ward against infections when applied in its diluted form to topical wounds. As it is generally not recommended to use essential oils in their pure state, try adding a few drops to an antiseptic cream or mix it with equal parts water. Apply the resulting mixture over the wound or dab using cotton and repeat as often as needed. This will help kill bacteria trapped in the flesh and prevent more from invading, which aids in facilitating faster healing.

Killing fungal infections

Unlike bacteria, fungal infections typically take longer to treat because they’ve literally taken root in the affected areas. In addition to being antibacterial, cedarwood essential oil is also antifungal, meaning it has distinct properties that are specifically designed for fighting afflictions like athlete’s foot and nail fungus. It targets the problem from the surface down to the roots which, with regular maintenance, should help eliminate the infection and prevent it from coming back.

Reducing hair loss

Hair loss is a great concern for many, even for those not suffering from alopecia or other similar conditions. Instead of resorting to synthetic cocktails like rogaine, try the natural route and use cedarwood oil instead. After diluting with equal parts water or adding 2-3 drops to a spoonful of coconut oil, massage it into the scalp in order to increase circulation. Rub for five minutes and rinse after half an hour.

Cedarwood essential oil also works great for moisturising dry hair and scalp. Simply add a few drops into your favorite shampoo and conditioner and enjoy the scent while the oil works wonders on your locks.

For more severe cases of hair loss, combine cedarwood with the essential oils from rosemary, thyme, and/or lavender. After making sure that the combined oils are properly diluted, apply as stated above or add to your hair products. Regular and long-term use will help stimulate your hair follicles and should result in a noticeable reduction of hair loss even as it promotes hair regrowth.

Easing arthritis

Because of the anti-inflammatory compounds abundant in cedarwood essential oil, it is highly effective in easing joint pain and stiffness caused by arthritis. By being massaged onto the skin and simultaneously being inhaled, cedarwood oil works in two different ways in order to help reduce joint and tissue inflammation and dull the perception of pain. To give the entire body the same benefit, try adding 5-10 drops of this oil to your daily bath.

Boosting the respiratory system

The presence of potent microdroplets in essential oils means that whatever benefits they carry can instantly be absorbed by the lungs, and because cedarwood oil is a natural sedative, it can help relieve respiratory problems like asthma.

Chronic coughing can also be eased by inhaling this essential oil’s scent. If your lungs feel congested or if there’s stubborn phlegm in your respiratory tract that needs getting rid of, rub a few diluted drops of cedarwood essential oil onto your throat and chest for several minutes, breathing in the relaxing scent deeply as you go.

Regulating the menstrual cycle

Another special function of cedarwood essential oil is the stimulation and, eventually, the stabilisation of a woman’s menstrual cycle. That is because it’s also a natural emmenagogue, or a substance that can induce blood flow in the woman’s pelvic area, which can be especially beneficial for those suffering from irregular periods.

Recall that essential oils in general can have a direct effect on the body’s hormonal levels, and cedarwood essential oil is no different. In this case, it could kill multiple birds with one stone because most women who’d need an emmenagogue also tend to suffer from severe PMS symptoms like fatigue, abdominal cramps, nausea, and mood swings.

Helping with insomnia

Having trouble falling and staying asleep? Rest easy. In its function as a sedative, cedarwood essential oil can also induce total body relaxation while gently ridding your mind of intrusive thoughts—in short, a perfect recipe for getting some snooze. When used as your oil of choice for aromatherapy, cedarwood may also facilitate the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that’s converted by your brain into melatonin to promote uninterrupted and restorative sleep.

8. Ridding skin of blemishes

Acne and eczema are just two of the most common skin problems millions of people worldwide have to deal with. And oftentimes, the impact of these conditions aren’t limited to what can be seen by the naked eye—they can also cause or perhaps exacerbate mental health issues if left untreated for too long.

But most remedies available in the market aren’t suited for all skin types. What’s effective for some could have the opposite effect for others. If you’ve tried everything else with very little to show for it, give a natural remedy like cedarwood essential oil a try.

Eczema is primarily caused by the overproduction of sebum which often leads to the inflammation of epidermal cells. As an antiseborrheic, cedarwood oil can help reduce this inflammation, attacking the infection deep in the skin’s layers while trying to stabilise the sebum production and reducing skin peeling. It might take time to show the desired results because no remedy is instant, but regular application of this essential oil—either directly to the skin after dilution or by adding a few drops to your liquid soap or lotion—should be able to show steady improvements.

Acne’s causes can be a lot harder to pinpoint. In adults, it’s most likely a symptom of hormonal imbalance, but it would take consulting a doctor to know for sure. One thing will always be certain: whatever the cause of your acne, you simply want it gone.

One of cedarwood oil’s main effects when applied to the skin is as an astringent. By inducing the skin to form a protective layer made up of proteins, it essentially leaves little to no space for dirt and bacteria to lodge and fester. Those already inside would of course die a quick death due to cedarwood oil’s antimicrobial properties. To take advantage of these benefits, simply add a drop or two of oil onto your facial soap or lotion, or else rub directly onto your skin after dilution.

Clearing toxins from the body

Excessive water retention and the accumulation of toxins within the body are two of the main causes for conditions like urinary tract infection, high blood pressure, and hypertension, among many others. A natural diuretic like cedarwood oil can help induce frequent urination, which facilitates the flushing away of toxins and water trapped within the body. Please note that this essential oil does not have to be ingested for these benefits to be enjoyed. Simply massage the oil over where your kidneys and bladder should be and wait for the effects.

Calming symptoms of ADHD

Children with ADHD would more often than not grow into adults with ADHD, and some of these adults were never diagnosed during childhood to begin with. If you suspect you might be one of these individuals due to your persisting and, at times, life-ruining difficulties with maintaining focus, you’ll be glad to know about a recent study which suggested that inhaling the essential oil from either cedarwood or vetiver three times a day for a month could improve memory and focus in sufferers of ADHD.

Soothing insect bites

In the same way it helps heal wounds and reduce inflammation, cedarwood essential oil works great for treating itchy insect bites. But you could also put the oil to a much better use by using it as an insect repellant that can help stop those pesky insects from biting you in the first place. Since time immemorial, cedarwood has been used for this very purpose. The fact that we still know about this particular purpose speaks highly of its efficacy.

For a handy insect spray, mix five drops of this essential oil with an ounce of water. Shake thoroughly before each use and spray where and when needed. Check out the Recipes section for more insect-repelling ideas.

Tightening skin and muscles

Anyone who’s ever gone through weight fluctuations knows that it hits the skin the hardest. Losing pounds quickly sounds great on paper, but it often leaves you with flaps of flesh with prominent stretch marks over diminished muscles—it’s like trading one image problem with another. But don’t go rushing to get that surgery done unless your particular situation really calls for it. Instead, try out a natural astringent like cedarwood oil, which could help lessen the appearance of stretch marks while tightening up loose flesh and muscles. Add up to eight drops to a carrier oil and massage all over your body regularly.

Relieving muscle spasms

Muscle spasms are common among older individuals. They center around any big group of muscles and are usually not life-threatening. But they can be quite alarming, especially if the spasms happen near the heart. It often results in restless nights: who can sleep soundly when it seems like their heart is about to burst out of their ribcage any moment?

Another form of muscle spasm that can cause sleeplessness is the condition called restless leg syndrome. It’s a strange phenomenon that usually happens at night when a person is already in bed. The legs start to get weirdly “itchy” even though there’s no perceivable spot that needs scratching. Others report getting an unpleasant urge to stretch or move them, but doing so offers only a temporary relief, and the urge persists until the person falls into exhausted sleep.

One of cedarwood essential oil’s many job descriptions is as an antispasmodic, meaning it has properties that are specifically meant to relieve muscle spasms. Acting in conjunction with its sedating effects, this oil is ideal for helping those ticking or restless muscles to settle down while simultaneously prepping your mind and the rest of your body for a good night’s sleep.


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