Black Pepper Oil 10ml



Have you ever smelled black pepper essential oil? Opening a bottle releases the most wonderful aroma. Its fragrance is both spicy with a hint of earthiness, a tinge of freshly-ground peppercorns, and unexpected floral notes. Black pepper is one of the most-used spices on the planet.

Black pepper is so commonplace that its medicinal properties often go unrecognised.

During the Dark Ages, Arab traders had a monopoly on the black pepper trade. To maintain this monopoly and keep the source of black pepper a closely-guarded secret (and hence increase the price and prestige of black pepper), they came up with a great story. The tale they told was that black pepper grew in groves of trees that were guarded by poisonous snakes. In order to harvest the black pepper, the trees had to be burned in order to drive out the snakes. This process also turned the originally white fruit black! That myth worked for a long time.



  • Topical Use: Can be used for a relaxing and restoring massage by mixing it with a carrier oil, such as fractionated coconut oil, and applying directly to overworked muscles.
  • Internal Use: One or two drops placed in a vegetable capsule can be ingested daily to boost cellular function and aid digestion. In addition, it can be used directly as a flavor enhancer when cooking. Just be careful, a small drop packs substantially more punch than a teaspoon of the ground stuff!
  • Aromatic Use: It can be diffused or inhaled to curb feelings of anxiety and lift your mood.

Black Pepper Essential Oil Health Benefits

  • It encourages digestive function and maintains colon health- It stimulates throughout the entire digestive tract, starting in the mouth and ending with the large intestine. In addition, it has properties that are known to relieve gas and bloating. Some evidence even suggests that it offers protection from diseases of the colon.
  • It provides a relaxing effect on the nervous system-When inhaled or diffused, it decreases anxious moods and can even temper cravings associated with unhealthy habits.
  • When feeling sluggish, applying it to the soles of the feet can help revive you- After a nap when you are struggling to re-focus, or whenever you are dragging, topically applied black pepper can provide a restorative benefit.
  • Has critical antioxidants. Our bodies are constantly under attack by free radicals in the environment. Antioxidants help repair the damage done and help limit further damage to our cells.
  • Aids circulation- When taken orally, it can encourage internal flow. Also, when applied topically, the warming properties enhance function and relieve aches and pains.
  • Can help make food zestier- Using the oil in place of ground peppercorns in your cooking gives you more potent flavor and concentrates the benefits.
  • It bolsters your immune system- It is known to have antibacterial properties. Critically, it has been shown to attack the bacteria and leave the cell healthy. It can have an especially beneficial impact on bacteria in the digestive system.

Black Pepper Essential Oil Nutrition

There are many benefits derived from long term use. Ongoing aromatic use of black pepper can help to decrease anxious moods, improving your outlook and reducing your reliance on other types of treatment. A reduction in anxious moods can then have a substantial impact on your entire quality of life. Prolonged internal use can keep your digestive system functioning properly, relieving the discomfort and embarrassment of gas and bloating. It can also offer protection from the external elements that attack our bodies. With repeated use, the antioxidant and antibacterial benefits can achieve their fullest advantage. Continual use in topical treatments can warm and soothe your body. It can also offer a way to support cartilage and joint function. It has even been shown to improve overall tolerance to pain in the areas of the body on which it is used frequently.



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